Random Research & Requests

Any particular subject you wanna know more about? i-(CuriousFiend)-will absolutely fuckin have a crack at it. If others would like to chip in where able, that would be bloody fantastic. It is improbable that i could solve everything, yet if others were to contribute too,...we might then stand to solve many things. We are not so incapable as the perfidious power mongers would have us fooled into believing. Ask yourself,...what is a 'theory'(?) Is it an actual reality? Or is it a fictional description of a conceptual construct designed as an attempt to explain phenomena within perceptible reality? Is the theory of "Quantum Mechanics" a real thing? 😏Or is it merely a theoretical fiction which doesn't actually exist at all? Am i a crazy person for suggesting so? Or are you subconsciously auto-conferring one's independent consideration unto preprogrammed biases? Perhaps i am crazy person, yet even if so—does that therefore equate to proving a theoretical fiction to be real? Can you demonstrate the theoretical fiction as a reality? If you believe you can, i invite you to present this demonstration within your own thread-within this category. 😉👍
  • The naked man fears no pickpocket